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  • Surgeon Otolaryngologist Dr. P. Kaiafas
  • Surgeon Otolaryngologist Dr. P. Kaiafas
  • Surgeon Otolaryngologist Dr. P. Kaiafas

Dr. Kaiafas Panagiotis MD
ENT Head and Neck Surgeon

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Free and effortless nasal breathing is a basic need for all

Anatomic obstacles hindering free passage of air through the nose, such as a deviated nasal septum and hypertrophic nasal turbinates can cause hypoventilation of the sinus and conditions that lead to persistent inflammation (sinusitis).

Evaluation of other conditions that cause difficulty in nasal breathing such as allergic rhinitis, adenoid tissue hypertrophy and nasal polyps may also be necessary.

Surgical restoration ( septoplasty ) of a deviated nasal septum is carried out through the nose without external incisions.

It may be necessary to combine septoplasty with other surgical procedures such as cauterization or partial reduction of the inferior nasal turbinates or endoscopic removal of nasal polyps.

Combination of septoplasty with aesthetic reconstruction of the nose ( rhinoplasty ) may be advised especially if the shape of the nose compromises nasal air flow. The cartilage and bones of the septum are surgically aligned accordingly and returned to the initial midline in order to create sufficient space for a free, effortless and natural air flow.

Lasers, radiofrequencies, ultrasounds, or, endoscopes may be used if needed. At the end of the operation a small splint of special sponge is placed in each nostril. It is easily removed usually the next day and systematic grooming and cleaning of the nose with normal saline follows for a few days.

After the operation the patient is released in a few hours. Pain is minimal if any and there are no bruises or external edema (“swelling”). After 3 to 5 days he can return to his work and everyday activities with the recommendation to avoid intense exercise for two weeks.

Sleep quality improvement, better sense of smell, increased vigor and stamina are some of the first benefits perceived in a few days. Under continuous supervision, free and effortless breathing through the nose is restored in a relatively short period of time.


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